Trading CMK

Where to buy and trade CMK

MarketC is a modern ecosystem developed on a blockchain basis. MarketC development team is aiming to build a new financial-trading system by applying Blockchain technology to solve the existing problems of traditional trading methods. MarketC provides solutions that help users take control of their personal finances and experience superior functionality.


Mining Guide

Project MarketC is an open-source project and investors can fully mine CMK when there are enough tools. Please follow the CMK mining guide below!

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Where you can discuss with us for the development of MarketC and find the answer for your question. We will always be there to support you ASAP!

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MarketC Core

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MarketC Core is programmed to determine which blockchain contains valid transactions. MarketC is built on a decentralized network and every transaction become valid when and only if there is "consensus".
In addition to MarketC's hierachy. MarketC Core users will also be better protected by security features not included with existing wallet types, user interface selections, and other powerful features.