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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to participate in Marketc ICO, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit or and click on Register

Step 2: Enter your email address and click on Register

Step 3: Your username and password will be automatically created. The information will be sent to your registered email. Please check your email and click on “Activate account” button to activate your account.

Note: Please save the information about your account in a safe place. This account will be synchronized in bsmarket at or   

Step 1: Get access to or, click on Login and enter your login information.

Step 2: Click on “Buy” to get access to the Marketc sale page. 

After logging in at Marketc ICO page, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Charge Wallet

Click on ICO Manager (1) > Click on Charge Wallet (2) > Choose Your Wallet (3) > Transfer BTC/ETH to the wallet address (4), Or scan the QR code (5) to transfer > After successfully transferring BTC/ETH, please wait for the system to process and deposit BTC/ETH to your wallet in Marketc ICO system (6).

Step 2: After ensuring that the BTC/ETH has been shown on the system wallet, you can proceed to pre-order Marketc as follow:

Click on ICO Manager (1) > Pre-Order (2) > Choose Payment Gate (3) > Amount to Buy (4) > The amount of CMK will be automatically calculated in accordance with the real time exchange rate (5) > Enter Security password (7) > Click on Order to finish your pre-order.

Step 3: Your request will be in queue for processing.It will be processed in the Pre-sale if you meet the requirements (refer to the Whitepaper for more information). Otherwise, it will be done in the Crowdsale.
Afterwards, you can log in to your Marketc wallet to check. 

After logging in the Marketc ICO website, please follow these steps:

Step 1: ICO Manager (1) > Buy Marketc (2) > Choose Payment Gate (3) > Enter the amount of CMK you want to purchase (4) Or enter the amount of BTC/ETH that you have (5) > Enter Security password (6) > Click on Order (7).
Please note that the Order function is disabled out of the ICO time. You can only use this function when the ICO is live.

Step 2: After clicking on Order, a QR code and BTC/ETH wallet address will appear on your right (8). Please enter the exact amount that the system requires within the given time.
Note: Please enter the EXACT amount, no more or less. Don’t transfer your BTC/ETH directly from exchanges. In case of Bitcoin, it is well advised to use wallets on Coinbase, Bitpay, or Coinpayment. For ETH, wallets on Metamask, MyEtherWallet, Mist and Parity are recommended.

Step 3: Please wait for the system to transfer CMK to your wallet. It usually takes from 10 minutes to 4 hours, depending on BTC/ETH transactions. 

You can absolutely withdraw your BTC/ETH when the ICO starts. For more details, please refer to the following guidance:

Step 1: Click ICO Manager (1) > Withdraw BTC / ETH (2) > Withdraw From Wallet (3) > Enter the amount you want to withdraw (4) > Enter the receiving wallet address (5) > Enter Security Password (6) > Withdraw (7) to complete the transaction.

Step 2: Please check your wallet balance again. 

Details guidance on joining the Lending program will be published after the ICO. Please visit our website for more updates. Sincerely thank you


We will return you soon. Sincerely thank you for your interest in us!.