What withdrawal methods are available ?
You can withdraw your funds using a lot of different ways=> plastic cards, bank accounts etc. Please pay attention that the owner of the bank account must be the owner of the trading account. Available withdrawal methods depend on the country you have chosen during your registration. It is important to pass a one-time verification to withdraw funds. It aims to protect your current and future withdrawals.

What is the minimum amount for withdrawal ?
The minimum amount for withdrawal is 20$

What is the maximum amount for withdrawal ?
The maximum amount depends on the type of the account and may reach 150$ per day.

Can I withdraw bonus funds ?
You can not withdraw a bonus, but you can withdraw a profit earned with it.

How can I withdraw all my funds ?
If all your funds do not exceed the limits, then you just specify the required amount when withdrawing.

I was refused in withdrawal, why and what shall I do ?
In case of refusal, you will receive a message to your verified email with the reasons for refusal.

My withdrawal request was approved. When I receive my money ?
If your withdrawal request is confirmed, then you will get your funds at the same moment.

Can I withdraw money to my ATM card ?
Yes, you can withdraw money to your ATM card

Do I need to pay any fees for withdrawing money ?
You dont need to pay any fees because we will pay it for you.

Can I withdraw money to my bank account if I deposit with a cryptocurrency payment?
No, you can not withdraw money to your bank account if you deposit by using a cryptocurrency payment. Payments with crytocurrency will be paid from a cryptocurrecy wallet.

Can I withdraw from a demo account ?
You can not withdraw from a demo account.

Will money be credited to my bank account automatically if I win ?
No. You need to go to the withdrawal page and make a withdrawal request.

Do I have to keep any minimum balance on my real account ?
No, you dont need to keep any amount on your real account. You can withdraw them all as long as it does not exceed the withdrawal limit.

How do I withdraw my funds?
You need to fill in and submit a withdrawal request form in your profile.

Can I cancel my withdrawal?
Yes, you can cancel your withdrawal by sending a request to our support team or your account manager.

I made a withdrawal, but I havent received the money in my bank account. What should I do?
Please check with your bank.

Are there any deductions or fees for withdrawing?
No fees are applied from our side.

How long does it take for a withdrawal to be processed ?
Usually it takes between 1 to 3 business days.

Why my withdrawal request was rejected?
We were unable to transfer funds to the provided bank requisites, or we did not receive correct details. Please check your email for the detailed info.