The MarketC Ecosystem

Following the success of the brand and platform we are now creating an Ecosystem around both crypto and fiat trading, which will act as a one-stop-shop to buy, store, sell, exchange and trade on fiat and crypto currencies. The ecosystem will be fuelled by the MarketC coin, built on the X11 Algorithm network and designed for four platforms. The coin will have real-life value and offer its holders benefits on the trading platform, MarketC.Finance and MarketC.Trade

The MarketC trading platform offers trading on more than 100 assets including currencies, stocks, commodities and cryptos with high profit percentage on trades. The MarketC coin will introduce token-based accounts which are fully funded by cryptos but will allow trading on all asset classes. Additionally, token-based accounts will have higher profit.

We build our own crypto wallet which will support more than 20 cryptocurrencies and allow instant transactions through a web, desktop and mobile app, both designed to make blockchain transactions simple. The wallet will allow fiat to crypto transactions.

Our biggest project will be the design and creation of a new crypto exchange that the blockchain world has yet to see. We will build an exchange made for the current and future demand of the market which will continue to add pressure on platforms.

We will develop a pristine news portal which will provide reliable and continuous updates on both market and crypto news, on technical analysis and also on a large number of financial tools to ensure support for all types of investors.

Online Trading Market

The online trading market has an average of $6 trillion in daily turnover making it is the biggest industry in the world. Online trading continues to excel in growth based on its technological advancements. Without the rise of the internet it would have remained a privileged investment for the rich, controlled by stock brokers who manipulated market prices and had full control on traders’ orders. But at the dawn of the internet in the late 90s, trading relocated from physical trading floors to independent online platforms, which then allowed any individual to open an account within minutes, control their own trades and make profits directly from the global market with small initial investments.
The rise of cryptocurrencies offered an additional set of assets which could be traded online through traditional brokers. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and hundreds of altcoins started becoming available for online trading, therefore attracting a new wave of traders who have tuned into the block chain era and are becoming more familiar with cryptocurrencies than traditional trading. After all, cryptocurrencies cannot be taken lightly; they are an economic innovation with the potential to revolutionize the economic structure and the way all financial assets operate. As an industry which has always stood at the forefront of innovation, online trading will naturally evolve as the market demands. More brokers are now accepting payments for trading accounts with cryptocurrencies, and are adding cryptos to their trading options.

Hottrade Trading platform

The Hottrade Trading platform was developed and implemented in-house, providing a web based platform, as well as a desktop and mobile application. It supports more than 100 trading assets which include currencies, commodities such as gold and oil, stocks and of course cryptocurrencies.

Why Develop a New Crypto Exchange ?

Crypto trading is a much bigger financial evolution than the public has fathomed so far. We know that because we have witnessed the previous financial revolution at the dawn of the internet when online trading emerged. It took years until the world realized that online trading was no longer the ‘next big thing’ but it had already become the biggest industry in the world. While everyone keeps calling cryptos the next big thing, we are preparing for this industry to be the current biggest thing with the biggest market in the world. How is this relevant? This means we are building an exchange designed for the existing vast market and all its demands.

MarketC Coin -Based Accounts

The MarketC Trade platform will advance to offer IEO Coin based accounts lead by the use of our very own MarketC coin. Currently, online trading is an advanced version of currency exchange which has existed since the beginning of the economic system. Through online platforms traders have access to control their trades, enjoy much faster execution and full transparency. Today we are moving to an even more advanced version of trading; block chain. MarketC coin based accounts can be opened using the MarketC coin and will offer the benefits of block chain transactions with instant deposits and withdrawals. MarketC coin based accounts will allow trading on any of our 100+ assets including currency pairs, commodities, metals, stocks and cryptocurrencies. Altcoins have always been an important part of the Hottrade trading platform and MarketC trade platform and we already accepted payments through cryptos on our traditional online trading accounts. Now, our traders can own the MarketC coin and enjoy a fully immersed block chain experience with our token based accounts. To know current trend of IEOs, you can check IEO stats.