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Along with economic development, the market requires new forms of payment. Today we would like to introduce to you MARKETC that is a digital currency with smart payment platform.

MARKETC is based on the X11 algorithm that ensures the combination of Ask-bid prices efficiently through natural peer-to-peer traffic as well as secret exchanges of third-party. All transactional history information is stored in dedicated data warehouses. Data is analyzed continuously to enhance risk management and identify transaction behaviors. This feature allows MARKETC to optimize the cryptocurrency exchange process and highlight different payment mixes depending on the current value. In the near future, 32.1 million MARKETC coins will be issued to use.

MARKETC is an digital currency that uses blockchain technology. With the blockchain-based lending, users can make payments immediately anywhere in the world. Blockchain increases automation, speed, security and cost reduction for financial transactions. For the business community, one of the most interesting applications of blockchain is the smart contract. When running on blockchain, a smart contract would be like a computer program that executes by itself when the terms are met. Because of running on blockchain, the program will run as programmed, not afraid of being censored, being interferenced by third-party or scams. The application of Multisig Wallets helps to secure customer's money. PCI-DSS certification demonstrates the strict control over cardholder data and limits payment card data theft. The real-time fraud monitoring and the technical-financial audit are highly valued. The MARKETC - API modular architecture makes it easy and convenient to implement on many different software. AppStore integrates retail cryptocurrency solutions with MARKETC. In addition, MARKETC offers the opportunity to deploy software and development services on the hierarchical MARKETC server infrastructure. With more than three years of development experience, payment technologies are refined for best performance.

We are creating a global crypto payment infrastructure with great features such as:
- ready-to-use solutions for e-commerce platforms and web-based payment application developers;
- Low commissions;
- Marketing platform and solutions for automated exchange programs;
- Integrated with main POS software: R-keeper, Inpass, CEGID, Amber and 18 other solutions for all retail and service sectors such as SMB, street retail, HoReCa, eCommerce, traffic sector, auto sales, parking lots and more.

Our main goal is to replace the traditional banking system. With MARKETC and the preeminent payment platform, transactions are made with just a mouse-click or a smart mobile phone. With simple operations, you will receive immediately an account after registration. Then, you can make payments, transfers, money changers, instant lendings. Everything is really convenient, no obstacles, no time consuming. In addition, the trading volume is unlimited and you can instantly pay in money or international deposit. With MARKETC, integrating with wallet or third party payment services like PayPal, Gyft, WeChat, Alipay, PayTM, ... is really easy. The application of non-contact payment methods such as ApplePay, SamsungPay, AndroidPay, QR code mechanics and many others are very convenient. Especially, with only a small fee, each transaction is absolutely secure and safe.
MARKETC is a product that is created by blockchain enthusiasts around the world. It offers a complete vertical integration service. In the future, MARKETC will become an useful payment tool and a very popular payment platform in the decentralized economy. It will solve the problems that today's technology products can not meet.